Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed the BJP’s historic win in the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) elections and said that the party will continue to strive for Assam’s advancement.

Modi made the following statement on Twitter late Sunday: “Historic results in Karbi Anglong! I thank the people for their continuous faith in BJP and assure them that we will keep working for Assam’s progress. The efforts of BJP Karyakartas have been outstanding. Kudos to them.”

The BJP dominated the KAAC elections on Sunday, securing all 26 seats in the tribal body for which voting was placed on June 8.

According to the State Election Commission, the BJP won all 26 seats, with the Congress coming in second in the bulk of them. The BJP received 2,25,999 votes in all 26 seats, while the Congress received 60,760 votes in 24 seats and the Aam Aadmi Party received 15,513 votes in ten seats.

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